Bard College at Simon's Rock: the Early College

Over 50 Years of Independent Minds

Senior Prank
“The skills I use daily are skills I honed at Simon’s Rock: critical thinking, problem solving, and creative collaboration.”
Brooke Skinner Ricketts ’97
Two students near the door


The W.E.B. Du Bois Scholarship program begins.

“You get to know your teachers, and they treated you like a junior colleague …They made it feel like they were learning from you. It was magical.”
Anne Hutchinson Reid ’75
Llama Reunion


Simon’s Rock Soccer team plays in NSCAA national championship tournament.

Peace grove in bloom


Veronica Chambers '87 writes Mama's Girl.

Mama's Girl by Veronica Chambers
“When I got to Simon's Rock, I found a community that took me seriously as a human being and that believed in me so that I could flourish.”
Penny Brierley-Bowers '81
Betty Hall on Simon's Rock


Bard High School Early College launches, a joint project of Bard and the NYC Board of Education based on the Simon’s Rock model

Betty Hall's Slumber Party'


First Bard Academy class, establishing the 6-year arc

Kellogg sound board from the 1990s


Simon’s Rock welcomes its first class of 50 young women into a 4-year A.A. program

Car Smashing


Simon’s Rock partners with Bard College

Leon Botstein and Bernard Rodgers


Jamie Hutchinson, appointed in 1976, taught the popular class: The Inklings.

Students in pyramid


Doug Ahlers ’77 creates first commercial website

The Wins


Women’s Studies program founded.

Bob Schmidt


Joan DelPlato, appointed in 1987, taught the popular class Harems: Imagined and Real.

Winter Term Abroad


In 1990, Ace the frog moves into the pond in the Alumni Library Atrium. Deuce moves in soon after.

Ace the frog and companion


Kellogg was moved from upper campus to its current location.

Kellogg moves to its current location
“Central to education at Simon’s Rock is an ability to manage diverse ideas in creative tension”
Mary Marcy, Educating Outside the Lines
Donkey Costume


Baird Whitlock awards the first B.A. degrees

Our Legacy is Our Community

For over 50 years, Simon’s Rock has been a welcoming, inclusive community where younger scholars are taken seriously and individuality thrives. Our students push beyond the usual choices in their life-altering encounter with the liberal arts.


The Future of Liberal Arts

We invented early college. Then we reimagined the entire high school and college experience. We will continue to innovate, break down educational barriers, and provide access to the liberal arts and sciences.

Veronica Chambers Remembrances

Transform Lives, Transform Education

“ It wasn’t just that I had a good time at Simon’s Rock: it was a transformative experience for me.

―Allyson Sgro ’01

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