Bard College at Simon's Rock: the Early College

COVID Response and the Green New Deal

Wednesday, May 5


As a part of the Annual Simon's Rock-Levy Economics Institute 3/2 BA/MS Program Sessions, Simon's Rock is pleased to welcome Randy Wray, Professor of Economics, Bard College, and Senior Scholar, Levy Economics Institute of Bard College for a talk entitled, "COVID Response and the Green New Deal: Lessons from the Levy Economics Institute."

The talk will take place on May 5 at 4:10 - 5:00 p.m. EST, after the Hyman P. Minsky Conference.

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Additional Information
This talk is organized by the Simon's Rock-Levy Economics Institute 3/2 BA/MS Program and Open Society Climate Network - scholars from OSUN and civil society interested in addressing climate change through shared ideas, a common mission, and local activism.
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Future Speakers include Randall Wray (Bard), Philippe Forêt (BRAC), Michael Brody (AUCA), Tai Young-Taft (Simon's Rock), Brendan Duprey (NarxozU), Ramona Mosse (Berlin), Harold Hastings (Simon's Rock).

Let us know if you would like to showcase your research or give a talk on the topic of climate change!