Bard College at Simon's Rock: the Early College

Jazz Ensemble Concert

Friday, December 17

Daniel Arts Center - McConnell Theater

The Simon's Rock Jazz Ensemble, directed by Dr. John Myers, will play a wide range of jazz standards by Ellington, Jobim, and others, including "Upside Sunset," an original piece. Performers include:

Harlan Abrams - drums, alto sax

 Katherine Anand - trombone

 Megan Hackett - bass, drums

 Emma Demo - trombone

 Will Judge - alto

 Takamaro Kajino - bass, glockenspiel, claves

 Fiona O'Halloran - trumpet

 Noah Murphy - keyboard

 Arnaud Neukomm - guitar

 Evelyn Lee - violin

 Hazel Williams - alto

 Cathy Zhang - flute

 April Zingher - piano