Bard College at Simon's Rock: the Early College

Music Faculty Group Recital

Sunday, May 1

Kellogg Music Center

On February 11, members of the Simon's Rock music faculty gathered in Kellogg Music Center to offer a short recital in honor of Susan Mower, who administered the Community Music Program for several decades, always with great enthusiasm for the making and teaching of music.  This surprise event was open only to Susan's administrative and faculty colleagues.  On Sunday afternoon of May 1 at 3 pm, we are reconvening the performers (and adding a few) for an expanded version of that program, now open to everyone in the Simon's Rock campus community as well as members of the public.  This is a chance to hear the private lesson teachers practicing what they preach and demonstrating the high level of professionalism found in our Music Program.  Performers will include Jack Brown, Allan Dean, Manon Hutton-DeWys, Anne Legêne, John Myers, Gigi Teeley, Larry Wallach, and David Wampler.  The program will include works by Bach, Schubert, Schumann, Joseph Lamb, Sondheim, Shostakovich, and others.

Admission is Free; members of the public must show vaccination certificates upon entry, and masks need to be worn in the building.