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November 13, 2023

Simon’s Rock Visiting Scholar Felix Kaputu Receives Fourth Doctorate

By Emily Berge-Thielmann

Felix Kaputu

Simon’s Rock Visiting Scholar Felix Kaputu presented his doctoral research on October 3, 2023, to receive his fourth doctorate. This doctorate is in Human Rights from Bircham International University in Madrid, Spain. Kaputu’s thesis topic is: Democratic Republic of Congo as a Rogue State. Kaputu’s previous doctorates are in Comparative Literature and a dual doctorate in Anthropology. 

Kaputu shared the following on this new doctorate: “Studying anthropology drew me closer to the people, their daily lives, social organizations, aspirations, and injustices, which raised many questions. These questions increased while teaching Conflict Zones: Reading in Psychology and Literature at another academic institution in New York. When COVID-19 arrived, and we were forced to stay home, I decided to change that time into an opportunity to engage in studies that would help me address injustices and look closely at human rights situations worldwide, from countries’ constitutions to rights implantation.

“When I had to look for the dissertation topic, I thought the Democratic Republic of the Congo would be an excellent illustration of a weak, collapsed, and failed country to study. I ended up with this title that can apply to many situations around the world: ‘Complaint against the Democratic Republic of the Congo for State Conspiration: Rogue State (Weak, Fragile, Failed, and Collapsed State), Lack of Rule of Law, Human Rights Violations Impunity within Smokescreening Constitution.’ Apart from the doctorate, I have received a couple of certificates revolving around Human Rights training to offer to the public, Human Trafficking Prevention, Digital Citizenship, and Business Consulting.

“I hope to apply most of my research results in Simon’s Rock classes on Environmental Studies and Literature, Psychology, and Anthropology and launch another Conflict Zones course that will include Human Rights aspects.”