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Jan Staller ’71 Publishes Book of Cinematic Photographs

The Film Forum has championed independent and alternative cinema since 1970. When the space underwent extensive renovations last year, noted NYC photographer Jan Staller ’71 was there to capture and transform the experience with his unique vision.

A compilation of those images has been published as Film Forum Under Construction 2018, with an introduction from Joel Coen ’71.

About the book, Joel writes, “Like a lot of abstractions, and certainly like many of Jan Staller’s photographs, these pictures are not only about a surface but the materiality below the surface. In this case the materials are the brick and mortar of the theater itself and the steel and brittle celluloid of projectors, reels and filmstrips—objects that look now like sacraments of the earliest technology of the art form.”

Book cover

Jan’s 40-year career has its origin at Simon’s Rock. In particular, his fascination with construction imagery took root when he helped a local contractor build the Mods, a unique apartment-style residence.

To read a longer excerpt of Joel’s introduction, visit the Film Forum website.