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May 03, 2024

Spotlight on Jennifer Browdy, Professor of Comparative Literature & Media Arts

Jennifer Browdy

A love of writing will take Simon’s Rock faculty member Jennifer Browdy, Professor of Comparative Literature and Media Arts, overseas to Europe this summer.

Back in March, Browdy taught a course based on her seminal “Leadership, Writing & Public Speaking for Social & Environmental Justice” class during the 35th Annual Bioneers Conference in Berkeley, CA.

At that same Conference, Browdy also presented a workshop based on her award-winning book “Purposeful Memoir as a Quest for a Thriving Future.”

The Leadership course has been a mainstay in her teaching curriculum for many years, alongside some of her personal favorites, “Art of Autobiography: Focus on Memoir,” “Women Writing Resistance in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Middle East,” and “Journalism and Digital Media Practicum” to name a few.

Currently, Browdy is preparing to tour the Italian countryside for her writing workshops abroad. “I am teaching two writing workshops abroad this summer: a purposeful memoir retreat in Italy and a Riding & Writing trip to Iceland,” said Browdy. “I will be giving a writing workshop for Berkshire OLLI: “Telling the Truth Through Fiction.”

As advertised on her website, “over the course of an idyllic week in the Tuscan countryside, we’ll work together to unlock the doors to your memoir’s purpose, focusing on the key elements of people, places and passions.

  • Who has been most important to you in your life journey so far?
  • What places have meant the most to you?
  • And what passions have swept you away at different times of your life?

“You’ll come away from this magical sojourn with a new understanding of your purpose in writing memoir, along with many pages of new writing providing a plethora of potential doorways into the story of your life,” said Browdy.

Get to know Jennifer Browdy and the Languages and Literature department, and hear about her personal work and research on the Simon’s Rock Youtube Channel