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Edgar Chamorro

Faculty Emeritus in Latin and Spanish


BA, magna cum laude, Catholic University, Quito, Ecuador
MTh, summa cum laude, St. Louis University
MEd, Marquette University
MEd, Harvard University

A native of Nicaragua, Mr. Chamorro is a senior fellow of the Commission on United States-Latin American Relations at the International Center for Development Policy in Washington, D.C. Since 1985, he has toured the United States and Europe, giving talks on United StatesCentral American relations. He is the author of The Packaging of the Contras: A Case of C.I.A. Disinformation (Institute for Media Analysis 1987) and “Confessions of a Contra” in The New Republic, 1985). He has been a special ambassador to the U.N. General Assembly; an educational consultant; a visiting professor at the University of West Florida; a dean and professor of philosophy at Central American University; and a Jesuit priest. (1990–2009)