Bard College at Simon's Rock: the Early College
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Faculty Emeriti

Division of Social Studies

Virginia A. Brush , Psychology (1986–2010)

Peter G. Cocks, Politics (1984–2005)

James A. Monsonis, Economics and Sociology (1978–2003)

Division of languages and literature

René G. Biber, French (1968–1997)

Christopher Callanan, Classics (1999–2019)

Edgar Chamorro, Latin and Spanish (1990–2009)

Hal L. Holladay, Literature (1980–2013)

Jamie Hutchinson, Literature (1976–2016)

Bernard F. Rodgers, Jr., Literature (1985–2015)

Patricia Sharpe, PhD, University of Texas in Austin, Literature (1983–2021)

Division of the Arts

Lawrence Burke, Film and Digital Video (1999–2015)

Joan DelPlato, Art History (1987–2019)

Arthur S. Hilman, Photography, Printmaking, and Design (1974–2011)

William D. Jackson, Painting, Sculpture, and Design (1972–2011)

Laurence Wallach, Music (1972–2022)

Science, Mathematics, and Computing

Allen B. Altman, Mathemetics (1986–2008)

Isaac Y. Bao, Biology (1984–2006)

Emmanuel Dongala, Chemistry (1998–2014)

Patricia Dooley, Chemistry (2008–2018)

William Dunbar, Mathematics (1993–2020)

Donald E. Roeder, Environmental Studies and Biology (1977–2014)

Robert E. Schmidt, Environmental Studies and Zoology (1984–2014)

David R. Sharpe, Physics (1983–1999)

Paul Shields, Computer Science (2003–2012)

Robert L. Snyder, Mathematics (1974–2010)

Faculty In Memoriam

Gabriel V. Asfar, French and Arabic (1983–2014)

Karen Beaumont, Theater (1989–2018)

Rebecca Fiske, Literature (1986–2018)

Harold Hastings, Science, Mathematics, and Computing (2013–2022)

John D. W. Kingston, Ceramics and Figure Drawing (1983–2004)

Edward J. Misch, History and Philosophy (1969–2001)

Barbara D. Resnik, Art History, Social Science, and Women’s Studies (1990–2008)

Wendy Shifrin, Dance (1984–2015)

Nancy Yanoshak, History and Women’s Studies (1982–2015)