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Hal L. Holladay

Faculty Emeritus in Literature


BA, Washington & Lee University
PhD, University of Michigan

Dr. Holladay did extensive graduate work at Vanderbilt University and Oxford University. He has taught at Vanderbilt University, the University of Vermont, the University of Michigan, and Hamilton College. He is a Renaissance scholar with a particular interest in Shakespeare. His interests also include classical Greek literature, medieval studies, postcolonial fiction, modern British fiction and poetry, Southern fiction, and Buddhist thought. In addition to his work on Shakespeare, Dr. Holladay has published articles on the fiction of Ernest Hemingway, William Goyen, Peter Matthiessen, Margaret Atwood, William Gay, and others, as well as essays on such diverse figures as Thomas à Becket, Nelson Mandela, and Stephen Hawking. Dr. Holladay has served as the scholar in residence for Shakespeare & Company’s Institute on Teaching Shakespeare and in a variety of positions at Simon’s Rock, including coach of the men’s and women’s basketball teams, dean of students, and admissions counselor. Dr. Holladay served as the first Emily H. Fisher Faculty Fellow from 2005–2007. (1980–2013)