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Patricia Sharpe

Faculty Emerita in literature, Women's Studies

Elizabeth Blodgett Hall Chair in Literature


  • Professor Patricia Sharpe



Dr. Sharpe attended Barnard College, SUNY Buffalo, and the University of Texas in Austin where she earned her PhD in Literature. After teaching in India on a Fulbright grant, Dr. Sharpe taught at the University of Michigan for 10 years before joining the Simon’s Rock Literature faculty in 1983. She was Dean of Academic Affairs for 1993-2005. In that period, she benefited intellectually and professionally from lively and fruitful collaboration with Simon's Rock faculty member in Anthropology, Frances E. Mascia Lees. In 2001-2003 she designed the curriculum and helped select the founding faculty of the first Bard High School Early College in New York City. In 2007, she returned to New York to help found Bard High School Early College Queens where she served as Dean of Studies until 2016, at which point she was delighted to return to Simon's Rock as Dean of Academic Affairs at the request of her former student at Simon's Rock and colleague at BHSECQ, Provost Ian Bickford. Dr. Sharpe retired in 2021.