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Kristy McMorris

Professor Kristy McMorris

Dean of Studies
Faculty in Literature


Hall College Center

Academic Program Affiliation(s)

Languages and Literature

Areas of Specialization

  • Contemporary African American and Caribbean literature
  • Black feminist theory
  • Postcolonial criticism


Research Interests: The historical and political legacies of the plantation in the Americas; the Caribbean and its place in a global modernity; slavery in the Americas

Other Interests: Festival practices throughout the African Diaspora, intersectionality, queer theory


PhD, New York University
MA, New York University
BA, Howard University

Dr. McMorris has been an early college educator for nearly a decade. She began her work as a member of the faculty in Literature at Bard High School Early College in Queens, New York. She was the founding director of the Bard Early College at Harlem Children's Zone Promise Academy and was Bard Fellow at Bard College at Simon's Rock from 2016–2018. Dr. McMorris is an associate for the Bard Institute for Writing and Thinking and is the Dean of Studies at Simon's Rock.