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Writing and Thinking

The Writing and Thinking Workshop is where Rockers become Rockers, and where you’ll become part of a dynamic intellectual community.

The most important thing about Simon’s Rock has been the ability to think critically. …they say that in the admission packets…and it didn’t really mean much until coming here. Then my thinking changed. My view of the world changed.

-Sheeba ’08

Female student in writing workshop

Conceived by Simon’s Rock (and Bard) President Leon Botstein, the Workshop sets the stage for the kind of intense interdisciplinary work you’ll tackle during your time at Simon’s Rock. You’ll experience what it means to participate in an intimate intellectual community; you’ll learn to take initiative; you’ll begin to speak up and think differently while listening to alternative ideas; you’ll present personal work for feedback; and you’ll provide thoughtful criticism on others’ work. The Workshop—a five-day, all-day, intensive seminar held before the start of your first semester at Simon’s Rock—is a common experience for all new Rockers. This is where you’ll gain the foundational skills in critical reading and writing you’ll need for advanced study in any discipline.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have all the important tools you'll need to face the academic challenges that await you.

It is not just about knowledge and learning to absorb information and then regurgitate on a test, but actually being able to use one's brain in any situation, academic or otherwise. This skill is indispensable in any time or place.

-Sarah ’08