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Gender Studies Courses

Explorations in Gender, Culture, and Society

Gender Studies 101 CP | Browdy de Hernandez | 3 credits

Gender is a complex and contested aspect of human life. This introductory course will explore individual and societal assumptions about how gender identity is produced by the intersection of cultural norms, individual experience, nature, nurture, desire, and power. We will analyze gender relations and identities in terms of biological imperatives, women’s and men’s choices, the social construction of masculinities and femininities, as well as laws, institutions, and the distribution of power and resources in any given society. How do variables of nationality, ethnicity, ‘race,’ class and sexual orientation modify individuals’ experience of their own gender, and social classifications of various individuals?How do the socially constructed roles of masculinity and femininity enable or constrain individuals?What role do queer folk play in stretching the boundaries of these roles, and to what extent do they reproduce heterosexual norms? We will base our analyses on essays, films, books, and online resources dealing with the construction and implications of gender in the U.S., as well as our own personal experiences, drawing on the discourses of science, social science, cultural studies, feminist, and queer theory. Requirements include regular response journals, contributions to a class inquiry blog, a presentation, a turn at leading class discussion and a final paper.

No prerequisites. This course is generally offered once every two years.

Gender Studies Tutorial

Woman's Studies 300/400  | Staff | 4 credits

Under these course numbers, juniors and seniors design tutorials to meet their particular interests and programmatic needs. A student should see the prospective tutor to define an area of mutual interest to pursue either individually or in a small group. A student may register for no more than one tutorial in any semester.

Prerequisites: Gender Studies 101 and at least one other 200-level course in gender or women’s studies.