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Financial Aid

Nearly 80% of our students at Bard Academy receive some form of financial aid. We encourage interested families to apply.

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Financial awards for incoming students are available to ensure that the advantages of a Bard Academy education are as accessible as possible. The application process begins with a conversation. Please contact us as soon as possible. Working together with the online NAIS form, we will determine eligibility for aid that best reflects your specific family circumstances.

 Contact Bard Academy

Financial Aid Guidelines

Apply for Financial Aid by Feb. 1

Applicants should submit their financial aid forms by February 1, 2019. To apply for financial aid consideration for the 2019–2020 school year, please create an account through Bard Academy’s code is 174896.

You will be instructed to fill out the Parent Financial Statement (PFS) and will be given an online username and password. You will use this information to log in at a later time to upload the required documents. 

Additional Required Documents for U.S. Citizens and permanent residents

Provide a copy of the following

  1. 2017 Federal Income Tax Return with all schedules
  2. 2018 Federal return with all schedules (once completed)
  3. 2017 W-2s
  4. 2018 W-2s

Additional documents may be requested.

Additional Required Documents for non-U.S. Citizens

Submit the International Student Financial Aid Profile .

Additional documents may be requested.

Questions about paying for the Academy?

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