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Meet Your Student Admission Representatives

One of the best ways to get information about Simon’s Rock is to talk to a current student.

Whatever your questions, Rockers are always up for talking about their school, and they’ll be happy to give you the lowdown. Take a look at our current Student Admission Represenatives and fill out a contact form with your interests, and we’ll make sure your query gets to the appropriate student.

2020–2021 Student Admission Representatives

Sabrina Baang college sophmore

Sabrina Baang (She/Her)

College Sophomore; Residential Student

  • Hometown: Acton, MA
  • What I'm Studying: Psychology, pre-engineering
  • Why Simon's Rock: The unique academic setting; the freedom to pursue my intellectual interests
  • What I've Found Here: The courage to fail, to seek help when I need it, and to grow into myself more fully
Tate Coleman college sophomore

Tate Coleman (He/Him)

College Sophomore; Day Student

  • Hometown: Great Barrington, MA
  • What I'm Studying: Civil engineering, psychology, urban planning
  • Why Simon's Rock: For the challenge I wasn’t finding in my previous school
  • What I've Found Here: A more expansive and challenging academic experience; a truly enjoyable campus experience
Charlotte Dinitz College first-year

Charlotte Dinitz (SHE/Her)

College First-Year; Residential Student

  • Hometown: Garrison, NY
  • What I'm Studying: Forensic analysis
  • Why Simon's Rock: For the academic experience starting at Bard Academy at Simon's Rock
  • What I've Found Here: A real family; a supportive environment where I can finally be myself
Kayo Dehinbo college senior

Kayofunmi Dehinbo (She/HER; THEY/THEM)

College Senior; Residential Student

  • Hometown: Tacoma, WA
  • What I'm Studying: Pre-med
  • Why Simon's Rock: After attending Bard High School Early College, I sought more of the same quality education at Simon's Rock
  • What I've Found Here: An ability to pursue a consistent, high-quality education from high school through to college
Allie Firestone college sophomore

Allie Firestone (She/Her)

College Sophomore; Residential Student

  • Hometown: Rockville, MD
  • What I'm Studying: Social justice, sustainability, urban planning, dance
  • Why Simon's Rock: A static curriculum and little room for growth made me feel discouraged and unmotivated at my old school
  • What I've Found Here: The freedom to take interesting classes, explore a variety of different academic and extracurricular activities, and find my path
Lily Helmstadter Academy second year

Lily Helmstadter (She/Her)

Academy Second-Year; Residential Student

  • Hometown: Montague, MA
  • What I'm Studying: Social justice, sustainability, urban planning, dance
  • Why Simon's Rock: For the small, tight-knit community
  • What I've Found Here: I’ve learned so much from my peers and from the faculty and staff; I’ve formed incredible friendships
Elise Kelly college junior

Elise Kelly (She/Her)

College Junior; Residential Student

  • Hometown: San Antonio, TX
  • What I'm Studying: English, Spanish, creative writing
  • Why Simon's Rock: Because I was ready for my next big step and a challenging future
  • What I've Found Here: A wealth of resources and experiences I wouldn't trade for the world
Milo Lypps college first-year

Milo Lypps (He/Him)

College First-Year; Residential Student

  • Hometown: Salem, MA
  • What I'm Studying: Biology, history, ceramics, drawing, painting
  • Why Simon's Rock: For challenging and interesting academics without the stress of a preparatory school
  • What I've Found Here: My closest friends; an incredibly accepting and loving community
Prutha Patil College Senior

Prutha Pathil (She/Her)

College Senior; Remote Student

  • Hometown: New Delhi, India
  • What I'm Studying: Physics, math
  • Why Simon's Rock: For an academic challenge I couldn't find in traditional high school 
  • What I've Found Here: Wonderful professors; a campus community that has been nothing less than supportive of me and my dreams
Estela Quinones College sophomore

Estela QUiÑones (She/Her)

College Sophomore; Residential Student

  • Hometown: Manhattan, NY
  • What I'm Studying: Psychology
  • Why Simon's Rock: The rural setting; fast-tracking my education; the variety of courses
  • What I've Found Here: I’ve fallen back in love with learning, found my academic passion, and have become part of a community that supports me
Carson Stone college first-year

Carson Stone (They/THEM)

College First-Year; Residential Student

  • Hometown: Atlanta, GA
  • What I'm Studying: English, history
  • Why Simon's Rock: It seemed like the perfect place to grow and learn more about myself
  • What I've Found Here: Simon’s Rock has helped me come out of my shell and discover who I want to be
Johnny Vitell College Sophomore

Johnny Vitell (He/Him)

College Sophomore; Day Student

  • Hometown: Philmont, NY
  • What I'm Studying: Political science, philosophy, acting, film
  • Why Simon's Rock: I felt ready to take on college-level academics
  • What I've Found Here: Encouragement to think for myself and expand my critical thinking and communication skills; a beautiful campus and a diverse community 
Cathy Zhang Academy second year

Cathy Zhang (She/Her)

Academy Second-Year; Residential Student

  • Hometown: Shanghai, China
  • What I'm Studying: Computer science, math, economics
  • Why Simon's Rock: The college-level courses and professors; the space and support to explore my interests
  • What I've Found Here: A warm family that embraces all cultures; every day here is a joy!
Yolanda Zhu Academy second year

Yolanda Zhu (She/Her)

Academy Second-Year; Remote Student

  • Hometown: Shenzen, China
  • What I'm Studying: Math, science, economis, psychology 
  • Why Simon's Rock: The chance to study abroad and build on my academic passions and extracurricular interests
  • What I've Found Here: The motivation to realize my intellectual potential; leadership opportunities within a highly engaged community