Bard College at Simon's Rock: the Early College
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Early College Q&A

Provost and Vice President Ian Bickford and Associate Director of Admission Amanda Dubrowski share the inside scoop and answer questions about Bard College at Simon's Rock: The Early College.

As an independent educational consultant or guidance counselor, you probably know students who are ready for more, whose lives would be forever enriched by a unique opportunity to attend college early.

For many, the concept of early college is not well-defined, but Simon's Rock has spent over 50 years defining and refining its rigorous academic program designed specifically for younger college students. This informational webinar addresses many of the most pertinent questions that arise when first learning about Simon's Rock.

Watch: Early College Webinar

Recorded June 27, 2018

Discussion Topics

  • What is Early College?
  • Simon's Rock and the Bard Network
  • The Academic Path through Simon's Rock
  • Q&A – Ian and Amanda address a broad range of questions including:
    • What is the connection between Bard College and Simon's Rock?
    • Why should students attend Simon's Rock rather than take AP classes or participate in dual enrollment programs while still in high school?
    • Can you describe the typical Simon's Rock student?