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Herbie Pollard

Archivist & Program Manager, early college research institute 


Areas of Specialization

History of Science, the Life Sciences, and Science Fiction

Other Areas of Interest

Gardening, Woodworking/Carpentry, Tabletop Roleplaying Games, Material Culture, and Natural History


MALS in History of Science, The Graduate Center at City University of New York

BS in Microbiology and Sociology, Boise State University

As College Archivist, Herbie receives and collects material about the history and administration of Bard College at Simon's Rock. As Program Manager for the Early College Research Institute, Herbie manages the Early College Folio, the premier organ of research in Early College pedagogy.

Herbie has worked in libraries for over ten years. For nearly eight years he worked in resource sharing at the Graduate Center at CUNY, before moving to Sam Houston State University to work at the Newton Gresham Library as the Billing Supervisor for Circulation.