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The economics curriculum at Simon's Rock is rooted in the liberal arts tradition of rigorous analysis, thus developing students reading, discussion, and problem solving skills within the discipline.

Courses contextualize economics in its various disciplinary underpinnings—e.g., in mathematics, history, and philosophy—demonstrate the relation of economics to other disciplines, provide students with core competence in economics, and offer breadth and depth of study in the discipline. The study of economics at Simon’s Rock involves addressing fundamental and persistent questions concerning material well-being; distribution; finance; economic policymaking; and technological and institutional change. Students prepare for further study with a foundation in the core subfields.

Related career paths

Students with a concentration in economics may enter into fields such as research, market analysis, statistics, and quantitative analysis.

Recent Theses

  • “Prosperous piracy: Contemporary maritime economics and politics in two case studies.”
  • “The shale gale: The effects of new natural gas production on electricity generation fuels and prices.”
  • “Pipe dreams: Global politics and the political economy of energy in Afghanistan.”
  • “Market economics: finance, technology and regulations.”

Course Spotlight

A female student smiles in class.

Economics 224/324: Economics of the Financial Crisis and Recession of 2007–08

In this course, students will study the events of the crisis itself, its macroeconomic and financial root causes, and its effects in terms of policy, economic thought, and individual and national welfare. At the intermediate level, the course readings and discussions will remain relevant to students with limited background in economics. Students taking the course at the advanced level will also be expected to master formal mathematical models describing the circumstances leading to the crisis and approaches to the recovery.

Community Profiles

Ishan Guru

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Ishan Guru

Economics & Computer Science


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Problem Solver.

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