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Discover methods and ideas included in the many areas of modern mathematics. This concentration develops competence in mathematics and in the art of effective reasoning, while also developing problem-solving skills and the ability to interpret and communicate the results of one’s work both orally and in writing. The concentration helps prepare graduates for future training or careers in mathematics, computer science, actuarial sciences, education, medicine, law, and economics, among others.

Related Career Paths

Students with a concentration in mathematics may enter into fields such as education, analysis, engineering, industrial production, market research, and statistics.


The minimum requirements are 28 credits of mathematics courses, with the exception that students with advanced placement may satisfy the concentration requirements with 24-27 credits (and fewer than 12 credits of intermediate courses). Intermediate courses that the student places out of do not count toward the overall concentration credit requirement. A student must have 20 credits from five courses in mathematics at the 300-level, including one course each in Real Analysis and Modern Algebra.

Course Spotlight

Aaron Williams discussing and writing about Hamilton Cycle problem

Mathematics 350t: Differential Geometry I

An introduction to the applications of calculus to geometry, this course is the basis for many theoretical physics courses. You will discuss topics that include an abstract introduction to tangent spaces and differential forms; the Frenet Formulas for moving frames on curves in space; and the rudiments of the theory of surfaces, both embedded and abstract.

Student Profile

Ishmael Asante

“An Experience I Wouldn’t Exchange For Anything.”

Ishmael Asante


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