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Day Students

At Bard Academy, all of our students share a close-knit experience of academic and campus life.

Boarding and day students share every aspect of campus life, from clubs and games to events and activities.

Part of the Family

Bard Academy provides a unique opportunity for bright, intellectually curious young people to begin serious academic work in a nurturing environment. While most of our students live on campus, about one in four are day students. In a tightly knit community, our day students share all of the same experiences and resources as their boarding classmates. Day students are involved in clubs, activities, and trips. They have access to all of the resources on the Simon’s Rock campus, from the arts studios to the fitness center. Day students study at the library and eat with their friends in the dining hall. Once they are on campus, we look after them, and make sure they feel like part of the family. Day students have access to lockers to store their belongings during the day, and are welcome to take part in our evening study hall after dinner.