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Supporting Documentation

In addition to the Application Submission and additional items, we’ll need to receive supporting documentation for your application to be complete.

Your guidance counselor will submit this report with your transcript. Your application will not be considered complete until we receive current year grades, i.e. first semester/trimester or the midyear grade report. In most cases, these are available after early November (semester system) or early December (trimester system). If your school does not include this with your school report and transcript, please request to have these emailed to

When you submitted your application, you identified your four recommenders. They must submit your recommendations for your application to be complete.

Our experience has been that the decision to attend Simon’s Rock is best made after a serious discussion between the applicant and his/her/their family. When you submitted your application, you identified your four recommenders, invite your parent or guardian to fill out their recommendation.

International students may need to submit English proficiency scores.

We do not require SAT or ACT scores. If you choose to submit your scores, send them directly to us or include them on your official transcripts.

Our codes are as follows:

  • SAT/PSAT/AP: 3795
  • ACT/PLAN: 1893

Check your status page for a personalized checklist of any remaining items.

 Application Status


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