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Board of Trustees of Bard College *

James C. Chambers ’81, Chair

George F. Hamel Jr., Vice Chair

Emily H. Fisher, Vice Chair

Elizabeth Ely ’65, Secretary; Life Trustee

Stanley A. Reichel ’65, Treasurer; Life Trustee

• Taun Toay ‘05, Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer


Fiona Angelini 
Roland J. Augustine 
Leon Botstein, President of the College, ex officio 
Mark E. Brossman 
Jinqing Cai 
Marcelle Clements ’69, Life Trustee 
The Rt. Rev. Andrew M. L. Dietsche, Honorary Trustee 
Asher B. Edelman ’61, Life Trustee 
Robert S. Epstein ’63 
Barbara S. Grossman ’73, Alumni/ae Trustee 
Andrew S. Gundlach 
Matina S. Horner, ex officio 
Charles S. Johnson III ’70 
Mark N. Kaplan, Life Trustee 
George A. Kellner 
Fredric S. Maxik ’86 
James H. Ottaway Jr., Life Trustee 
Hilary C. Pennington 
Martin Peretz, Life Trustee 
Stewart Resnick, Life Trustee 
David E. Schwab II ’52 
Roger N. Scotland ’93, Alumni/ae Trustee 
Annabelle Selldorf 
Mostafiz ShahMohammed ’97 
Jonathan Slone ’84 
Jeannette H. Taylor, ex officio 
James A. von Klemperer 
Brandon Weber ’97, Alumni/ae Trustee 
Susan Weber 
Patricia Ross Weis ’52

* Honorary Trustees and Life Trustees are not voting members of the board. 
• Not a member of the Board of Trustees