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Academic Affairs

The mission of Academic Affairs is to assist students and faculty in managing their academic business.

Through the Office of the Registrar, we help students maintain their course schedules and advisor status; receive transcripts, verification letters, and transfer credits; and propose tutorials, independent studies, and extended campus projects. The academic services coordinator helps students arrange private music lessons through the Applied Music Program, take courses at Bard College, and apply for internships, Simon’s Rock scholarships, and external scholarships and grants such as Fulbright and Rhodes Scholarships. The Dean of Studies provides leadership and administrative oversight of students’ academic experience at both Bard Academy and Bard College at Simon’s Rock. The Dean of Faculty and Curricular Development oversees the development and staffing of the academic programs for Bard Academy and Bard College at Simon’s Rock.

Additional Information

Contact Academic Affairs

Margaret Apprey Mawuko

Academic Affairs Assistant - Temporary

Christina Duncan

Director of International Student Advising

Kate Glavin

Assoc Dean of Studies for Bard Academy & First-Year Students

Kenneth Knox

Faculty in Mathematics

Susan Lyon

Vice Provost

Brendan Mathews

Dean of Faculty & Curricular Development

Kristy McMorris

Dean of Studies