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She Kills Monsters

Thursday, April 11

Daniel Arts Center - McConnell Theater

Set in Athens, Ohio in the mid '90s, She Kills Monsters tells the story of two sisters from very different worlds and an unexpected game that unites them. While Agnes is an average teen desperate to fit into the mainstream, her younger sibling Tilly is obsessed with magic and all things Dungeons & Dragons. After Tilly's unexpected death, Agnes finds her sister's homemade Dungeons & Dragons module and becomes catapulted into the imaginary realm that was her sister's refuge. In the hopes of forging a connection with the sibling she never really had a change to understand, Agnes enlists the help of Tilly's highschool D&D network to play out her final campagin.

Toggling between fantasy, memory, comedy, and drama, acclaimed playwright, director, and screenwriter Qui Nguyen (Vietgone, Poor Yellow Rednecks) brings us on an epic quest of discovery, belonging, and finding your chosen family.

Directed by faculty member and Simon's Rock alum Sara Katzoff, this production brings together a company of over 30 theater makers including students, faculty, staff, and guest artists working across disciplines of design, technical theater, and performance. Filled with gremlins, sword fights, demon queens, and dark elves, She Kills Monsters is an offbeat adventure that awakens the inner geek warrior in us all.

Directed by: Sara Katzoff

Production Stage Manager: Leo Earl

Fight, Movement, and Intimacy Direction: Sara Katzoff and Laura Standley

Choreography: Rowan Truman and Lydia Helmstadter

Scenic & Lighting Design: Juliana von Haubrich

Lighting Supervisor: Jean Volff

Costume & Armor Design: George W. Veale VI

Sound Design: Monk Schane-Lydon and Oskar Hurst

Production Dramaturg: Rimon-Hadassah Walker

Assistant Stage Managers: Frey Letton and Frances Zehner

Scenic, Props, Puppets, and Lighting Assistants: Saltinat Talentbak, Wren Faris, Michael Barrett, Rowan Truman, and Beltower Gunter

Featuring: Julianna Duran, Quinn Raper, Raahim Waqas, Reuben Guinta, Finley Baack, Agnas Allman, Emma Doucet, Eliza Doucet, Lydia Helmstadter, Gilbert Otten, Wilkinson McCallister, Olha Borovets, Leo Below, and Jojo Vinai.

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This production is free and open to the public. Cash donations are welcome at the door.

Jean Volff

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