Bard College at Simon's Rock: the Early College

Liebowitz Center for International Studies

An educational and community hub for international interests and pursuits.

Global Affairs

Interested in transcending borders? The Liebowitz’s technologically advanced classrooms, meeting spaces, and faculty offices are all dedicated to uniting those with an interest in international affairs through global courses, study abroad, and international programs. The space is used for classes, presentations, lectures, meetings, and global teleconferencing.

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Students engaged in classroom activities.

Classrooms feature state-of-the-art technology to allow for the kinds of exchanges that matter most in our global society—the human ones.

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You'll find information that will enrich your experience here and overseas.

A student presents using a smartboard.

In well-connected smart classrooms, students reconnect after their international work and study, as they present their research and share their experiences.

Entrance to the Liebowitz Center.

The Red Barn Complex - that includes Liebowitz - originally housed the first Simon's Rock classes. Renovated and reimagined, it's still a space for innovation—a space where the liberal arts are deepened by international perspectives.

Scene of the Liebowitz Center exterior.

A hub for students, faculty, and visitors, with offices for faculty in the Divisions of Social Studies and Language and Literature.