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Search for answers to the deepest questions about human beings by studying people and cultures at various times and places, and from different perspectives. Course subjects include religion, language, colonialism, gender, cultural representation, and urban living. Student-designed tutorials allow you to focus on a topic of special personal interest.

Related Career Paths

Students with a concentration in Anthropology may enter into fields such as conservation, politics, international aid, education, cultural preservation, and related nonprofit organizations.

Course Spotlight

Anthropology 212: Anthropology Goes to the Movies

This course explores the ways that indigenous and non-Western peoples are portrayed in popular commercial film. Through viewing films and texts about visual representation, we will consider questions such as: From whose point of view is the story told? Whose voices dominate the film’s narrative and perspective? Are characters presented as multidimensional or stereotypical? The course will also focus on the ways that social and political issues involving indigenous peoples are presented. We will analyze the differences between films made with indigenous participation (as writers or directors) and those with no significant non-Western influence.

Faculty Profile

Katie Boswell portrait

Cultivating a Heightened Appreciation for Human Diversity

Katie Boswell

Professor of Anthropology

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