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Learn basic Chinese in our accelerated introductory course, while being exposed to Chinese culture through movies, music, and food. Develop your language skills with a class on Chinese Theater Performance, and take advanced-level courses that allow you to discuss abstract topics with depth and nuance.

Course Spotlight

Yinxue Zhan with student in Chinese class

Chinese 203/303 Staff: Chinese Theater Performance 

Students read, rehearse, and perform a work from the modern Chinese dramatic repertoire as a means of furthering developing skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Each student will perform a role or combination of roles in the final production; written and oral assignments during the rehearsal process and after the final performance will foster learning of both language skills and performance skills. Students at the 203-level generally read only the portions of the play in which their roles appear, and they will read them in the classroom under the instructor’s guidance. Students at the 303-level must be able to read an appropriate portion of the play on their own; class time for them will be spent on discussion and rehearsal, but not on direct reading. Chinese 303 is suitable for both native and non-native speakers of Chinese. Prerequisite for Chinese 203: Chinese 100 or equivalent language level, plus permission of the instructor. Prerequisite for Chinese 303: Chinese 205 or equivalent language level, plus instructor’s permission.

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