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Math Curriculum

Requirement for the AA

Students are required to take at least 3 credits of math courses for the AA degree, either via a one-semester course or via multiple mods. The course(s) must include some significant writing about mathematics, either through manuscripts, labs, or projects. Students generally satisfy the math requirement with one of the following:

  • Math and its Applications (Math 101)
  • Elementary Functions (Math 109)
  • Introduction to Statistics (Math 110)
  • Calculus I (Math 210)
  • Calculus II (Math 211)
  • Linear Algebra (Math 220)

Requirements for the BA

Students concentrating in mathematics must take five 300-level math courses. These five courses must include Real Analysis I and Modern Algebra I (both are offered each year). Some of the 300-level courses that are taught regularly are:

  • Analysis I (Math 312):
    Analysis I is typically offered every spring semester.
  • Modern Algebra I (Math 320):
    Modern Algebra I is typically offered every fall semester.
  • Ordinary Differential Equations (Math 364):
    This course is offered every spring semester.
  • Statistics I (Math 330):
    Statistics I (or a similar class) is typically offered every spring semester

Other 300-level courses that are offered when there is sufficient demand include:

  • Complex Analysis (Math 310)
  • Number Theory (Math 324)
  • Algebraic Geometry (Math 326)
  • Differential Geometry I and II (Math 350 and 351)
  • Hyperbolic Geometry (Math 352)
  • Topology I and II (Math 354 and 355)
  • Partial Differential Equations (Math 365)

We recommend that students who are considering graduate school in mathematics take a full year of Analysis and a full year of Modern Algebra in addition to any 300-level course offerings of interest. Students interested in applied mathematics should take the year-long Statistics sequence and Ordinary Differential Equations.