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Math Placement

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Placement Exam

Incoming students receive instructions for taking the online Math Placement Exam over the summer. There are two versions of the Exam:

  • One for students who have never taken Calculus
  • One for students with Calculus experience

Students will receive course recommendations upon completion of the exam. 

Students who do not take the online placement exam during the summer will be required to take a written exam during Workshop week. They will be notified of their course recommendations by the end of the week and may register for a math course at that time.

Courses and Recommendations

A common course recommendation will include some of the following:

  • Math 099 Algebra Workshop:
    This course is meant for students who need to strengthen their algebra skills before taking another math course. It does not satisfy the AA math requirement.
  • Math 101 Math and its Applications:
    This course explores math in everyday life. Freshmen should wait to take this course until at least their second semester.
  • Math 109 Introduction to Statistics:
    This course introduces topics in probability and statistical methods. It is particularly applicable for students interested in the social sciences.
  • Math 110 Elementary Functions:
    This course explores function in depth, particularly trigonometric functions, exponential functions, and logarithmic functions. It is recommended for students who want to continue on to Calculus.
  • Math 210 Calculus I:
    The first course in the Calculus sequence covers limits and derivatives. It is likely a requirement for students interested in science and engineering.
  • Math 211 Calculus II:
    The second course in the Calculus sequence covers integration techniques and sequences and series. It may be required for certain science concentrations.

In some circumstances, a student with a particularly strong background will be recommended to take Math 220 Linear Algebra or another course.