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A tutorial consists of academic work undertaken with a faculty member on an individual or small-group basis by a junior or senior in a subject central to the student’s program of study.

Tutorials may consist of a 300- or 400-level course listed in the catalogue but not offered in a given semester or year or a course of study that is not part of the College’s regular curriculum offerings.

The faculty tutor meets with the student at least once a week during the semester. Tutorials typically earn four credits, and no student may take more than one tutorial in a given semester. Tutorials are generally reserved for juniors and seniors, although moderated sophomores with advanced technical expertise may appeal to the Standards and Procedures Committee for an exception to this policy.

Eligible students apply by submitting a Tutorial Registration Form (available in the Office of Academic Affairs), including a syllabus with a proposed course of study, a week-by-week plan of readings and other assignments, criteria for evaluating the student’s work, and a statement describing the importance of the tutorial for the student’s program of study, to the Standards and Procedures Committee (S & P) by the deadline indicated on the Dates and Deadlines calendar. S & P’s approval of a tutorial is based on a review of its academic coherence, its importance to the student’s program of study, and its compatibility with faculty workload restrictions.

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