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Private Music Instruction

Simon’s Rock offers private lessons to its students and to residents of Berkshire County through the Applied Music Program. The music faculty also provides supplementary enrichment such as group classes and frequent performing opportunities.

Qualified music students may work toward one academic credit per term by registering for Music 100/400. Music lessons are graded Pass/Fail. Advanced students who have taken lessons for at least one semester at Simon’s Rock may take lessons on a graded basis by submitting a form to the Office of Academic Affairs. Students can earn additional credit for solo performances and advanced study. Instruction is regularly available in voice, guitar, oboe, violin, and piano; lessons on other wind, string, and percussion instruments may also be available. Lessons are arranged through contracts for 13 or 26 lessons, and are offered at an additional fee. To complete registration, a Music Lesson Contract must be submitted. Lesson schedules are arranged through the Office of Academic Affairs. No prerequisites.

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