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Homeschooled Students

Simon’s Rock welcomes applications from homeschooled students. We appreciate the unique qualities they bring to our campus.

Homeschooled students demonstrate the initiative, love of learning, and active engagement in their own educational process that characterize our campus culture. At Simon’s Rock, you’ll find other self-motivated students and the support you’ll need to adapt and succeed.

Homeschooled Application Guidelines

To apply, follow the standard application directions. All requirements of the application are the same for homeschooled students. Please read information on this page specific to transcripts, recommendations, and optional information for homeschooled students. We look forward to learning about your academic talents and your unconventional academic paths.

Transcripts & Curricular Information

Please provide official transcripts for any courses completed (online or in-person) at any educational entity. Educational entities include homeschool umbrella programs, high schools, and accredited colleges or universities.

When official transcripts are unavailable for any part of your high school curriculum, we request the following information:

  • A detailed outline of the homeschool curriculum, including subject areas studied, level of instruction, time spent on each discipline, texts read, work produced, and assessment of performance or grade.
  • A short narrative summarizing your instruction for the most recent years. The summary should be written by the person, other than yourself, responsible for your overall academic program.
  • Optional: You may submit a comprehensive list of the books you have read during the high school years outside of your formal homeschool curriculum.


In the application, when selecting school, choose “Home Schooled” (CEEB Code 970000).


Request recommendations from individuals who know you and your work best.

Two Academic References

In the recommendation portion of the application, choose two recommenders who are non family adults. We prefer two academic references. If this is not possible, recommendations should come from people who know you as a student and person and who have worked with you in a teaching and learning setting. This includes music or art instructors, athletic coaches, clergy, or job supervisors.

Counselor Recommendation

If your parent or guardian is your homeschool supervisor they should fill out the counselor recommendation and the parent supplement through different lenses. If possible, a second parent or guardian may fill out the parent supplement.

One Nonacademic Recommendation

One nonacademic recommendation is required from someone who knows you outside of the academic setting, other than a family member.

Submitting Additional Work & Scores (Optional)

As a homeschooled student, you may wish to submit additional writing samples beyond the required application essays. This sample can help to demonstrate the breadth and depth of the your knowledge and thinking in particular subject areas. Upload optional work on your Application Status.

While we do not require applicants to submit standardized test scores, we strongly encourage homeschooled students to submit scores to add to their academic credentials.

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