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Transfer Students

Most students interested in applying for transfer admission to Simon’s Rock are seeking admission as juniors to take advantage of the College’s bachelor of arts program; however, we also welcome students with some college work who wish to be admitted into the Lower College—the College’s associate of arts program—either as sophomores or first-year students with advanced standing.

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Apply as a Bard High School Early College Student

Are you in your second year of the associate of arts at one of the Bard High School Early College (BHSEC) programs? If so, you may consider transferring to Bard College at Simon’s Rock to finish your bachelor of arts program.

Simon’s Rock welcomes applications from BHSEC graduates wishing to transfer into the Upper College program. As affiliates in the Bard network, Simon’s Rock and BHSECs offer young people similar strong foundations for advanced work in the liberal arts and sciences. Simon’s Rock can be a great fit for BHSEC graduates seeking to continue their education in a highly individualized program of study on a small, close-knit campus with the kind of personalized attention and high academic standards they have come to expect.

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Apply as a student from another college or university

Are you a high school-aged student enrolled full-time at a college or two-year/community college? If so, you will be considered a transfer applicant.