Bard College at Simon's Rock: the Early College

Livingston Hall Student Union

Livingston Hall is the vibrant hub of student life at Simon’s Rock: a place to hang out, study, pick up mail, grab a late snack, or visit the Wellness Center.

Student Central

The Livingston Hall Student Union is home to a range of offices and services and resources; it’s also a natural place for students to gather and talk, study, collaborate, organize, and just generally be social. The snack bar is here; so is the campus safety office, the Wellness Center, and plenty of malleable space that can become whatever students need it to be.

Explore the Livingston Hall Student Union

Students share stories in the informal lounge.

The snack bar is open late to fuel evening study sessions and conversations too interesting to cut short.

A student plays pool.

Take a break and hang out in the laid-back game room.

 A student received counciling at the health services center.

Situated in a private corner of the centrally located Student Union, the Wellness Center offices are staffed by professionals and open for scheduled and walk-in appointments.

Formal Lounge

The formal lounge (like the informal lounge across the hall) provides comfortable space for meeting and studying.

A student uses her mailbox.

Collect your care packages in the mailroom.