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Center for Mind & Brain Studies

Discoveries in the field of neuroscience shine new light on some of humanity's oldest questions about the mind—making it one of the most exciting areas of study in contemporary science.

The lab and EEG at the Center for Mind and Brain Studies.

The Center for Mind & Brain Studies at Bard College at Simon's Rock seeks to promote greater awareness of the groundbreaking research, study, and interdisciplinary approach in the study of neuroscience. The Center brings together Simon's Rock faculty, alumni, and affiliates in the Berkshire community to offer a newly designed interdisciplinary BA concentration in Mind & Brain Studies; provide internship and research opportunities; and present educational events, conferences, workshops, and the annual LaBerge Mind & Brain Speaker Series.


The Center for Mind & Brain Studies presents events throughout the year that provide opportunities to learn about and discuss contemporary theory, research, and practice in the field of neuroscience. The LaBerge Mind & Brain Speaker Series is a centerpiece of the event calendar, which brings together scholars, scientists, students, and community members on the campus of Simon's Rock to explore and discuss the fascinating world of neuroscience and neuropsychology. Additional events are hosted by our Berkshire partners around the region.

Past Events

The LaBerge Mind & Brain Speaker Series  

“Cultural Considerations in Neuropsychological Assessment”

Desiree Byrd, PhD, ABPP
Bard College at Simon’s Rock
Thursday, April 25, 2019 

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Mind & Brain Studies

What are the neurological bases of consciousness? How can we understand, represent, and study the patterns of neural activity? What are the effects of trauma on neural network activity in the brain? Neuroscience — he study of the workings of the brain — seeks to answer these and other fundamental questions by drawing from many different disciplines including, but not limited to, psychology, biology, philosophy, medicine, computer science, linguistics, and chemistry. At Simon's Rock, the academic concentration in Mind & Brain Studies is designed around this interdisciplinary perspective.

Students and faculty in mind and brain studies

Miles Abracosa (center) is the first graduate of Mind & Brain Studies. Also pictured (l-r): Anne O'Dwyer, Jesus Ruiz, Rebecca Bhik-Ghanie, Ray Kasevich

Internship and Research Opportunities

All students in the Mind & Brain Studies concentration have high-caliber internship and research opportunities available to them at a variety of local institutions including the Austen Riggs Center and the College Internship Program, as well as on-campus research opportunities in neurophysics and artificial intelligence.

Featured Courses

  • PSYC 201 M Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
  • PSYC 332 M2 Electromagnetism and the Brain
  • BIO 201 Cell Bio
  • BIO 331 Neurobiology
  • SOCS 309 Research Methods
 Learn more about the curriculum in Mind & Brain Studies  

Faculty Profile

Anne O'Dwyer

Anne O’Dwyer has been on the psychology faculty at Simon’s Rock for over 20 years. She is a social psychologist, and has long been interested in the neurocognitive bases of the self and of other aspects of social neurocognition. Anne saw the opportunity to create the Center for Mind & Brain studies at Simon’s Rock when she realized how many faculty and students at the College — and even alumni of Simon’s Rock — were interested in and already conducting research in neuroscience. Anne also built partnerships with neighboring Berkshire organizations with interest and expertise in neuroscience, and in the Fall of 2018, the Center for Mind & Brain Studies officially launched.  

Berkshire Partners

The Center for Mind & Brain Studies is affiliated with Berkshire County organizations and individuals whose work centers around the disciplines of neuroscience. These include: 

These affiliates collaborate to create the framework for the academic and community programs that are provided by the Center. 


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