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Naviance Family Connection

If your current school uses Naviance Family Connection, we recommend that you apply with the Simon’s Rock Application.

Naviance and Common Application

If you are using the Common Application, your application to Simon’s Rock may require a few extra steps to submit your recommendations.

1. Connect Common App To Naviance Family


  • Log-in to Common App
    • Complete education section of Common App tab
    • Complete “Recommenders and FERPA” of My Colleges tab
  • Log in to Naviance Family Connection
    • Select “colleges I'm applying to,” then enter email address and date of birth

2. Add Academic and Counselor Recommenders

11th and 12th Graders

With the assistance of your school counselor, log into Naviance Family Connection and invite your academic recommenders to complete recommendations on your behalf. This should include a school counselor (who will submit a school report, transcripts, and a letter of recommendation) and two teachers in academic subjects.

The Naviance Family Connection system will deliver these materials to the Common App when they are complete, and they will be assigned to your application to Simon’s Rock.

3. Add Nonacademic Recommender

Submit the nonacademic recommender through the Common App.

  • In the Common App, go toRecommenders and FERPA tab
  • Proceed through the screens to review, select, and confirm your decision regarding the choice to waive your FERPA rights to review the recommendations.
  • Enter the Recommender Type as Other.
  • Choose from the available “Relationships.”
  • Complete the contact information for your recommender.
  • Select Add Recommender.
  • Select “Assign” to let Common App know that you’d like this recommender to submit a recommendation to Simon’s Rock on your behalf.