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Dance StudentWe offer state-of-the-art facilities in arts and athletics, science and technology, research and scholarship—the building blocks of a deep, meaningful college experience, not to mention a full, complex life.

Are we a major research university, with majestic lecture halls and a library as long as a city block? No. We’re a small college of the liberal arts and sciences, supporting a community of about 500 students and professors; we’re scaled accordingly. Our biggest lecture hall, for example, is a smart classroom in the Fisher Science Center. Seating capacity: 60 students.

On the other hand, we are serious about our work—the work of exploring the world, discovering truth in all its forms, and adding to the storehouse of human knowledge—so we’re serious about providing the means to do it. If students want to do advanced research in physics, produce experimental theater, start a new recreational athletic program, hold a group meeting, pursue a 3-D design project, or work with archival materials in African-American history—they’ll find everything they need. And more.