Bard College at Simon's Rock: the Early College
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Residence Halls

Carriage House

Built in 2009, Carriage House is the newest residence hall at Simon’s Rock. It stands on Upper Campus near the location of the original residence of that name, which was damaged by fire in 2006. Carriage has 21 double rooms, and is staffed by an RD and two Peer Advocates (see Campus Life staff directory).

Crosby House

Crosby House, one of the Tri-dorms, is a first-year residence hall housing female students. Located in the center of campus, near the dining hall, Hall Student Union, and academic buildings, Crosby has 34 double rooms, 19 singles, two triples and, when needed, one quad. Crosby is staffed by two Residence Directors and three Peer advocates.

Dolliver House

Dolliver is the first year residence hall for male students, and is one of the Tri-dorms in the center of campus, near the academic buildings, dining hall and Hall Student Union. Dolliver has 23 double rooms and seven singles, and is staffed by two Residence Directors and two Peer Advocates.

Kendrick Hall

Kendrick Hall, one of the Tri-dorms that houses first-year students, is near the academic buildings, library, and dining hall. Kendrick has 20 double rooms and 16 singles, and is staffed by a Residence Director and two Peer Advocates.

Hill House

Hill House is located on the hill just beyond the Student Union, near the center of campus. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors live in 28 double rooms and 26 singles. Hill House is staffed by a Residence Director and three Peer Advocates.

Pibly House

Pibly is located on Upper Campus, at the top of Fox Run. The house consists of apartment-style suites, which have two or three single rooms with a common lounge space. Juniors and seniors are eligible to live in Pibly.