Bard College at Simon's Rock: the Early College
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Housing and Support Services

When you move into your residence hall, you’ll be joining a community within a community. You’ll be teamed up with a roommate, and you’ll share common areas with others.

Residence Director meeting with student

You’ll come to know—and rely on—your residence director and peer advocates, trained and caring individuals whose job it is to maintain standards of safety and communal living. They’re there to help, whether it’s planning an activity (movie marathon in the lounge, perhaps, or a community service outing) or facilitating open lines of communication between roommates. You’ll seek out their guidance, and they’ll offer you support. They’ll connect you with whatever resources on campus you need. You’ll find that your transition to living on campus is made easier—and more enriching—because of these folks.

We get to know the residence hall staff, because we spend every day of our lives with them—that’s an aspect of student life that’s really great. And there’s definitely dorm pride and dorm community!

-Jan '13