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Campus Life Office

The Campus Life office oversees all aspects of residential life on campus.

Students at dining table


The Campus Life office, located in Hall College Center is where you will find the dean of students, the residence directors, and the activities coordinator’s offices. The dean of students oversees these departments, as well as the Wellness Center. The dean also serves as liaison to Academic Affairs, Physical Plant, Dining Services, and the Kilpatrick Athletic Center, overseeing all aspects of life outside the classroom.


Reporting to the Dean of the College, the Dean of Students works to develop, plan, and implement comprehensive policies and programs that foster a healthy, safe, strong, and vibrant living and learning environment on campus. The Dean oversees enforcement of the Code of Student Conduct outlined in the Student Handbook; manages residential and extracurricular resources; participates in College policy development and assessment; and serves as a member of the senior leadership team, ensuring that student’s needs are considered in College decisions and policy.

A residential community like ours at Simon’s Rock reinvents itself each academic year. We draw on our past experiences; renew and revise policies annually to improve work and daily lives; and welcome all new members of the student body, faculty, and staff, encouraging their involvement as we reestablish our community each academic year.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to take responsibility for their own actions and to care about others in the community. Their friends and classmates are challenged and encouraged to do the same. Many events on our campus are structured, and others are not. We believe the greatest learning opportunities happen in campus living rooms, lounges, and common space. The opportunity to sit with, talk to, cook with, and get to know students, faculty, and staff members who have different backgrounds and experiences benefits us all. In this community, we urge students to reach out to each other and get comfortable being uncomfortable as they make new friends and contacts that we hope will last a lifetime.

At Simon’s Rock, we encourage dialogue, and we urge students to take advantage of this unique opportunity to really get to know each other. With this in mind, the Dean of Students is available to meet with students.