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Student Health Insurance Plan and Health Services Fee

The Student Health Insurance Plan and the Health Services Fee are required for all enrolled students at Bard College at Simon’s Rock and Bard Academy:

  • Our students are younger than most who arrive on college campuses and often require increased attention and support.
  • In addition, our students have generally not yet managed their own healthcare. As such, the College and Academy assume unusual responsibility for their wellbeing and service needs.
  • And, the Student Health Insurance Plan enables the Wellness Center to treat all of our young students equitably, efficiently and consistently, without delays or impediments to service resulting from varying coverage parameters with other plans.

The Student Health Insurance Plan and the Health Services Fee help to cover services offered on- and off-campus, including a broad spectrum of health and counseling interventions while the College and Academy are in session. These services include:

  • Health support, assessment, and intervention with staff nurses during open hours.
  • Appointments on-site with consulting physicians, as referred by the nursing staff.
  • Ongoing and urgent counseling sessions with staff clinicians during open hours.
  • Emergency access to on-call health and counseling staff outside of open hours.
  • Psychiatric evaluation and medication management, as recommended by the counselor and authorized by parents/guardians, as appropriate. Co-pays and missed session fees apply.
  • Basic lab tests on the premises, while other necessary lab work can be drawn and sent out.
  • Prescriptions delivered to the Wellness Center from Lenox Integrative Pharmacy, Lenox, MA. Co-pays will be billed to the family.
  • Notification and collaboration with parents/guardians in emergency/urgent situations.
  • Collaboration with parents in other situations, as clinically appropriate, and with proper authorization to release/obtain information.
  • Referral, coordination, and collaboration with local hospitals, providers, and specialists.

Please note:

  • Families will be responsible for the payment of services outside of the Wellness Center, if not covered by the Student Health Insurance Plan.
  • The Student Health Insurance Plan is primary and provides full-year coverage, across the United States, including summer, breaks, and January intercession. 

 Student Health Insurance