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Fees, Eligibility, and Insurance

Health Services Eligibility

Students who have purchased the Student Health Insurance plan offered by Simon’s Rock are eligible for medical and counseling services through the Counseling and Health Service office. See the Student Health Insurance Brochure.

Students who have requested and received a waiver to opt out of the Student Health Insurance plan, may be seen at the health office for evaluation and supportive care until your parent/guardian or medical provider can be reached.

Health Services Fee

Rationale for the required Student Health Services fee

All enrolled students are required to pay the Student Health Services fee, which includes access to the College’s on-campus walk-in clinic, counseling service, and the 24/7 emergency staff (including the College’s contract pediatric service). While we understand a family's desire to reduce college fees and eliminate a redundant service if they already have health coverage for their child, the health services fee is required for the following reasons.

  • Our students are younger than most college students and often have not had the experience of managing their own health care needs. The Simon’s Rock health services covers more than a typical college’s medical care. Our students receive walk-in access to Health and Counseling Services staff. Staff members (licensed counselors, nurses, or nurse practitioners supervised by contracted physicians) are available weekdays during business hours and are on-call around the clock should students need help, support, or follow-up attention.
  • Over the years, we've had reports of students choosing not to seek health advice or treatment because they were not covered on the College’s (formerly optional) plan. In these instances, students wanted counseling support or wanted to see a nurse about personal issues. The College leadership was compelled to address this frequent concern because of the impact on the student’s well-being.
  • While we are fortunate to have a small local hospital less than two miles away, 16- and 17-year-olds can be intimidated or overwhelmed when facing a serious personal problem or emergency alone. Also, many adolescents are less likely to seek follow-up care when managing their own health care. This puts their recovery at risk. Our diligent staff cares for and monitors students and is available to communicate with parents (in compliance with HIPAA regulations). Whether it’s as minor as a sore throat or stitches or something much more serious, our staff members provide the required health professional and resources, have working relationships with local care providers, and get students proper treatment and follow-up care.

We understand your concerns about the mandatory fee, but we hope this explanation creates a better understanding of the care your child will be receiving.

Student Health Insurance