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Student Health Insurance Plan and Health Services Fee

The Student Health Insurance Plan and the Health Services Fee are required for all enrolled students at Bard College at Simon’s Rock and Bard Academy:

Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance Plan

  • Some family plans are not accepted locally, and if a student needs to be referred out to a specialist, such as for a broken bone or chronic condition, many providers will not accept out of state insurance or an unfamiliar plan. Our local providers know and take the student school insurance plan.
  • We do not have the administrative capacity to manage the various nuances in coverage and benefits of other insurance plans. As such, one standard insurance plan enables the Wellness Center to equitably and efficiently treat all of our young students without delays or impediments to service.
  • The school insurance plan is primary and will cover students, across the country, for the full year, including the summer, breaks and intercession.
  • Labs are fully covered through the school insurance plan, enabling students to have easy and confidential access to needed laboratory testing through the Wellness Center without barriers to service.
  • Prescriptions are filled seamlessly and delivered to the Wellness Center from Lenox Integrative Pharmacy, Lenox, MA. Co-pays are applied and billed to the family.
  • Our consulting psychiatrist only bills through the school insurance plan. With the school insurance plan, students have access to psychiatric medication evaluation and ongoing oversight for psychotropic medications, as referred by a Wellness Center counselor. Co-pays and missed session fees are applied and billed to the family.

Health Services Fee

  • We are located in a relatively rural area, so access to health care is somewhat limited. Our comprehensive Wellness Center has a diligent, professionally licensed staff, who care for and monitor students, have working relationships with local care providers and ensure that students receive the proper treatment and follow-up care, including clear and timely communication with parents (in compliance with HIPAA regulations).
  • Students pay one flat fee to access nursing and counseling services at the Wellness Center.
  • Assistance is provided to schedule with local/regional specialists, as needed and appropriate.
  • Nursing triage and counseling staff are available after open hours for urgent/crisis situations, working in collaboration with Campus Life and Campus Safety.
  • If a student wants or needs counseling, they can access counseling services conveniently at the campus Wellness Center.

Please note:

  • Families will be responsible for the payment of services outside of the Wellness Center, if not covered by the Student Health Insurance Plan.
  • The Student Health Insurance Plan is primary and provides full-year coverage, across the United States, including summer, breaks, and January intercession.