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Patient Confidentiality, Rights, and Responsibilities

Confidentiality Statement

Privacy of your health information is one of our top priorities. Other than as described below in
Exceptions to Confidentiality, no one outside of the wellness center staff will have access to
your medical or mental health information without a student's explicit, written permission.
Academy students do require the authorization of a parent or legal guardian to share
information outside of the Wellness Center. If you are referred to a medical provider outside of
the Wellness Center, medical information regarding the specific referral will be shared with the
outside provider. Basic medical and mental health information and diagnoses will be shared
with insurance companies to facilitate billing. If the student and provider deem it necessary to
share medical or mental health information with someone outside of the Wellness Center, the
student (or parent of an Academy student) will be asked to sign an authorization form to
release the information. Voice mail and email communications to students will not include
personal health information to maintain privacy.

Exceptions to Confidentiality

There are some exceptions to confidentiality. In situations in which there is evidence of a threat
to oneself or another, the wellness staff is required to take action/disclose information to
protect the person at the risk of harm. When there is information about, or strong suspicions of
physical or sexual abuse or neglect of a minor or elder, this must be reported to the
Department of Social Services. In certain legal situations, including court order, wellness staff
may be required to disclose information. In addition, any time a student is admitted to the
Emergency Room, the wellness staff will contact the student's parents. This is a policy of Bard
Academy and Bard College at Simon's Rock and is in the 2021–2022 Student Handbook .

If you are a Bard Academy student, the information documented in your record is available to
your parents or legal guardians, if requested, due to your age (under the age of 18) and due to
the fact that you are a high school student and not yet a college student. The Wellness Center
will continue to maintain your confidentiality in terms of specifics discussed during a counseling
session or medical appointment and will only share information with parents, as clinically
appropriate and/or as specified in the exceptions. 

Patient’s Rights

  • To be treated with dignity and respect
  • To know the names and professional status of people serving you
  • To privacy
  • To confidentiality
  • To know who has access to your medical record as listed on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • To receive accurate information about your health related concerns
  • To know the effectiveness, possible side effects, and problems of all forms of treatment
  • To participate in choosing a form of treatment
  • To receive education and counseling
  • To consent to, or refuse, care and/or treatment
  • To select and/or change your health care provider
  • To review your medical records with a clinician
  • To access information about services and related costs

Patient’s Responsibilities

  • To seek medical attention promptly
  • To be honest about your medical history
  • To ask about anything you do not understand
  • To follow health advice and medical instruction
  • To report any significant changes in symptoms or failure to improve
  • To respect clinic policies
  • To keep appointments or cancel in advance
  • To seek nonemergency care during regular hours
  • To provide useful feedback about services and policies. To pay any charges billed to you, and to be informed of these charges before testing or treatment When you have questions….ASK!!
  • When you have a problem……Speak up!!
  • If you are not satisfied……Let us know.
  • When you are satisfied……Compliment!!