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Early College Folio: Call for Submissions

"The House of Education Needs Overhaul"


Early College Folio is currently seeking submissions for its inaugural issue. The issue will feature a reprint of the 1973 article "The House of Eduation Needs Overhaul" by Simon's Rock Founder, Elizabeth Blodgett Hall. All perspectives are welcome: faculty, librarians, student life staff, registrars, medical/health services, etc. Those seeking to submit materials to the journal must create a Digital Commons account through the "Submit to the Journal" button below. Formal essays and articles are encouraged, but the editors are also interested in considering experimental formats. Options may include:

  • 3,000–7,000 word longer-form essays/articles
  • 1,000–3,000 word shorter-form pieces
  • Student and faculty collaborative work
  • Interviews/curated conversations
  • Letters to the editors and op-eds
  • Data sets and data visualizations
  • Podcast episodes
  • Short film

Recurring sections for which the journal is also accepting submissions include:

  • Upcoming events
  • Early College in the news
  • Publication announcements (alumni, current and former faculty)
  • Book reviews and excerpts


Submit to the Journal


If you are interested in serving as a peer reviewer, guest editor, or as a member of the advisory board for the journal and/or ECRI, please contact We hope to engage those with ties to early college or who have expertise in the following fields: publishing, libraries and archives, education, and administration.