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Early College Folio: Call for Submissions

"Digital by Necessity"


Early College Folio is currently seeking submissions for Volume 1, Issue 2, titled “Digital by Necessity.” The phrase is sourced from our colleague, Jane Wanninger, faculty at Bard College at Simon’s Rock, as she reflects upon her pandemic experience participating digitally as both pupil through a fellowship and educator. What have you seen as a result of our “necessary” digital life? How has shifting to a virtual delivery of content impacted your learning, teaching, research, or professional relationships in the early college? What is here to stay? We are interested in successes and surprises, conundrums with nuance, as well as struggles and lessons learned. We invite you to play with the digital format and presentation of this issue, as how it is published is particularly relevant to the topic.

All perspectives are welcome: administrators, faculty, librarians, student life staff, registrars, medical/health services, etc. Please submit materials to the journal by creating a Digital Commons account through the "Submit Article" button on the website. For questions or other submission needs Digital Commons cannot accommodate, please contact Formal essays and articles are encouraged, but the editors are also interested in considering experimental formats. Options may include:

  • 3,000–7,000 word longer-form essays/articles
  • 1,000–3,000 word shorter-form pieces
  • Creative content: poetry, fiction
  • Pedagogical reflection upon collaborating on work created with students
  • Interviews/curated conversations
  • Letters to the editors and op-eds
  • Data sets and data visualizations
  • Podcast episodes
  • Short film

Recurring sections for which the journal is also accepting submissions include:

  • Signature lesson plans and scripts
  • Upcoming events
  • Early College in the news
  • Publication announcements (alumni, current and former faculty)
  • Book reviews and excerpts

The editors will begin reviewing submissions on December 1, 2021.

Submit to the Journal


If you are interested in serving as a peer reviewer, guest editor, or as a member of the advisory board for the journal and/or ECRI, please contact We hope to engage those with ties to early college or who have expertise in the following fields: publishing, libraries and archives, education, and administration.