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Early College Pedagogy Certificate

Early College Pedagogy

The Massachusetts Early College Initiative was created in 2017 to “provide students with the opportunity experience and complete college level academic coursework on a clearly articulated pathway and simultaneously gain exposure to a variety of career opportunities.” There are now over 58 Massachusetts high schools participating in designated programs. The Early College Pedagogy certificate is available to all but designed to give high school instructors in designated programs the training necessary to teach college credit bearing courses in designated programs.

Early College Pedagogy Certificate

High school instructors can become certified to teach college courses with an Early College Pedagogy Certificate awarded by the Early College Research Institute at Bard College at Simon’s Rock. Participants will enjoy an immersive Writing and Thinking experience, training in modern pedagogical techniques, and actively collaborate with Simon’s Rock faculty to design course materials.

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For more information about the certification process, please email Associate Dean of Studies for the Sophomore Year and Upper College, Ken Knox,