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Simon’s Rock Archives

The Simon’s Rock Archives is the official repository for noncurrent records of enduring historical value. Please contact us at for research help or to schedule a visit.

Included among the archives collections are the papers of founder Elizabeth Blodgett Hall (1909–2005) and her husband Livingston Hall (1903–1995), as well as many papers, publications, photographs, and media produced by students, faculty, administration, and staff over the course of Simon’s Rock’s history.

Elizabeth Blodgett Hall standing on Simon's Rock. 1964-65

Elizabeth Blodgett Hall standing on “Simon’s Rock” 1964

Elizabeth Blodgett Hall with the original blueprints of the new campus, designed by Morehouse and Chesley, 1964

Elizabeth Blodgett Hall with the original blueprints of the new campus, designed by Morehouse and Chesley, 1964

“In recognition of the importance of preserving the institutional memory of Simon’s Rock (aka Simon’s Rock College, Simon’s Rock College of Bard, and Bard College at Simon’s Rock) and documenting the path of the Simon’s Rock development, the Overseers hereby establish the Simon’s Rock Archives as the official repository for non-current records of enduring historical value. These archives shall be administered as a departmental unit of the Alumni Library, and shall be open to all members of the Simon’s Rock community and the general public in accordance with the College Archives’ general policies and any specific restrictions regarding access and use that shall be established.” (October 10, 2002)

ARC theater interior on the Simon's Rock campus, 1966

ARC theater interior on the Simon’s Rock campus, 1966

The Mission of the Simon’s Rock Archives:

  • To maintain, collect, and make available to interested researchers materials of continuing administrative, legal, fiscal, or historical value which are of permanent significance to the history of the Simon’s Rock;
  • to serve as a research center for the study of Simon’s Rock genesis and development and its contribution to our cultural and intellectual heritage;
  • to provide information services in support of the administration and operation of the Simon’s Rock;
  • to facilitate the efficient management of the recorded information created by the Simon’s Rock departments and offices;
  • to provide facilities for the retention, preservation, access, and research use of Simon’s Rock records

(October 10, 2002)

  • to highlight Elizabeth Blodgett Hall’s life and work;
  • to reinforce the reputation of the Simon’s Rock and encourage an appreciation of the institution’s past and its unique role in the history of American higher education as an Early College innovator
  • to provide permanent, archival storage for the retention, preservation, access, and research use of digital records

(February 1, 2017)

Commencement, 1976

Commencement, 1976

 View finding aids and detailed information about these collections and more on our research guide.

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  • Dean of the College
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  • Livingston Hall
  • Media
  • Oral History Project
  • Photographs
  • Provost’s Office
  • Publications
News from Simon's Rock, March 1975

News from Simon’s Rock, March 1975

The following collections are currently undergoing digitization and cataloging:

  • Student Newspapers 1966-2017
  • Simon’s Rock Magazines/Newsletters 1966–2017
  • Selected Photographs from the Archives

To view these digital collections as they are in process contact us to make an appointment:

  • Simon’s Rock Oral History Project 2005–2016

The Oral History Project includes interviews with faculty, staff, and alumni. Transcripts and audio/visual materials are available to view in the Archives. Selected excerpts from the transcripts are available on Digital Commons.

Pete Baumann

Ba Win

Rene Biber

Danae Boissevain

Nancy Bonvillain

Joan DelPlato

Bill Dunbar

Sue Farnum

Peter Filkins

Eileen Handelman

Arthur Hillman

Jamie Hutchinson

Jan Hutchinson

Ruth Ide

Bill Jackson

Anne O'Dwyer

Bernie Rodgers

Don Roeder

Bob Synder

Maryann Tebben

Larry Wallach

Judith Win

Nance Yanoshak

I. Printed Records

The archives strives to collect materials printed and/or published in a paper based format from the following offices:

  • Office of the Provost (board minutes, official correspondence)
  • Office of Communications (magazines, newsletters, posters)
  • Office of Admissions (recruitment materials, application forms, brochures, posters)
  • Institutional Advancement (invitations, appeals, brochures, posters)

The archives presently does not collect any records from any office that holds sensitive or restricted materials such as the Office of Student Life, the Wellness Center, the Office of Business and Administration (benefits, payroll), the Office of Financial Aid, or Academic Affairs (student records/registrar). The archives does hold some records from the above offices dated prior to 2002 (when the archives was officially formed) and many records have been assigned a restricted status.

The Mods under construction, 1974

The “Mods” under construction, 1974

II. Digitally-born records

At present time all official college records are created in a digital format and, almost all, are distributed/published exclusively in a digital format. As the website’s pages, links, and downloads are continuously updated, edited, and redesigned it is not a static environment, therefore the archives strives to capture and store digital records as stable files.

These files are sourced from the website and the webmail system, and are downloaded to a dedicated storage drive. Some files may be selected to be printed as well and stored in the physical archives collection.

Images are collected either through digital scans of paper based photographs held in the archives collection or directly uploaded by the photographer. Images are uploaded, catalogued, and stored in a digital asset management database hosted on the Simon’s Rock Server.

The Simon’s Rock Archives are located in the Alumni Library. The archives are open by appointment Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. If you would like to visit, need help locating materials, have any questions or have materials that you think should be preserved, please contact the Simon’s Rock Archives at

Student Mailboxes, Hall College Center, 1970s

Student Mailboxes, Hall College Center, 1970s

The Copyright Law of the United States (US Code, Title 17) governs the making of photocopies and reproductions of copyrighted material. It is the responsibility of the researcher to obtain permission for use of any material where copyrights, literary property rights, or other forms of ownership of intellectual property may apply, in conformance with the provisions of the United States Copyright Law. Photocopies are provided for scholarship and research purposes only and may not be further reproduced.

Campus Aerial View 1973

Campus Aerial View, 1973

Copies are prepared solely for the use of the researcher and may not be reproduced, published, broadcast without the prior written permission of the Simon’s Rock Archives.

Personal Camera Use / Photocopying and Scanning Policy

The Simon’s Rock Archives encourages researchers to use their own camera to capture material for research purposes, however photocopying and scanning can be arranged for most materials. These services have a nominal fee associated with them and must be handled by the Archivist.


Many audio/visual materials in the archives exist in formats no longer current. A copy request may involve transferring content to a digital format and therefore will carry a nominal fee. If you would like to request a copy of audio/visual materials please first contact the archivist via email to ensure that the archives can fulfill your request, then fill out this request form and email to or post mail to:

Simon’s Rock Archives

Bard College at Simon’s Rock, Alumni Library
84 Alford Road
Great Barrington, MA 01230