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Responses from Parents and Students

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Young Writers Workshop Testimonials

Professor reading to students in class

I will take with me the confidence to trust my own instinct rather than doing what other people say. Thank you so much for one of the most enlightening experiences I’ve ever had. I discovered new facets of my abilities here and the encouragement and ideas prompted so many realizations. I think our class had a wonderful dynamic and was a really diverse batch of personalities, histories, and styles, which made it interesting and entertaining just to sit and listen. I am very, very glad I decided to come to this workshop.

This workshop was a wonderful experience, beyond simply fulfilling any preplanned expectations. I came to the Young Writers Workshop with few cut-and-dried standards or goals – likely, I suppose, because my main expectation was to grow in a free and spontaneous environment. I simply hoped that this workshop would liberate my writing from the strictures of a traditional academic world, and give me ample opportunity to write – which, trust me, it has. I’ll remember the freedom of the Young Writers Workshop. It has evoked a new facet in my learning character. I don’t need to be led by some authority to progress. Instead of being a sheep, I can be the sheep herder, and prod my writing along in the direction I want it to go.

Girl writing

I wanted to thank you for [my son’s] opportunity to be at Simon’s Rock… He had lots of stories about his experience and I believe the independence level in a structured environment was beneficial. He definitely wants to continue his writing in a focused way and has become more determined to pursue his goals and aspirations. He made several close friends in a short amount of time. Thank you for your input to his development as a writer and for helping him to stretch and grow toward independence.

I am now attending Oberlin College in Ohio as a Creative Writing major—our program is quite prestigious and is one of the few undergraduate programs out there that separates English from Creative Writing. Looking back, I can say quite confidently that YWW was a huge turning point in my life. I had always loved to write, but YWW inspired me to focus and create like never before, and gave me the confidence to believe that this was really something I could pursue on the college level. I would highly recommend the Young Writers Workshop at Simon’s Rock for any teen writer who is looking for like-minded creatives, a beautiful setting, and an inspiring, confidence-boosting experience.

-G Pasley in Teen Ink


I wanted to write to express my appreciation for the experience your program gave [my daughter] this summer. She continues to talk of how the program inspired her to become a ‘noticer,’ and I feel she was changed in profound ways as a thinker by what went on at Simon's Rock both inside and outside the classroom. She seems open to feeling things (and expressing them in her spoken words and her writing) with a lack of judgment that is impressive and important. I believe she will carry the lessons of this summer with her for a long time.

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