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Off Campus Opportunities

Work with us to identify and apply for engaging off campus opportunities.

While we know how enriching life on campus at Simon’s Rock is, we also know that immersing yourself in educational experiences beyond campus can be incredibly rewarding—and an important step in your academic and career development.

Study Away

In addition to Simon’s Rock Signature Programs and opportunities within the Bard Network, you can choose to work with any number of vendors or accredited universities. In the past few years, students have studied with Academic Programs International, School for International Training, Where There Be Dragons, Spanish Studies Abroad, and many others. There are options for coursework, fieldwork, internships, and combinations of work and study.

We’ll talk through program options and funding possibilities during the Sophomore Planning Process and you can get further feedback from your academic advisor and Moderation committee. There’s plenty of support available.

The semester before you leave, you’ll meet with a cohort of Rockers planning to study away to make sure you are prepared before your departure, and we’ll continue to offer resources as you need them during your various travels.

Internship Resources

Virtual Internship Experience (VIE)

Imagine the opportunities that open up when you use virtual space for its flexibility and connections, without the loss of professionalism.

Special Resources

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Nationwide Internship Consortium
Exceptional internship database for students from Simon's Rock, Bard, and 16 other liberal arts colleges. NIC includes opportunities in all fields.
Going Global
Going Global’s 80,000 page database contains Country Career Guides, corporate profiles, worldwide job and internship openings and a proprietary collection of H1B visa employer listings.





An externship is a career experiment that enables students to discover an organization, industry, field, or lifestyle first-hand. Externships help students build the critical knowledge and insights necessary for career development by spending one day to one month learning on the job.


There are two kinds of Career Experiments:

  • Posted—We will occasionally post Career Experiments in College Central Network, which may require competitive applications.
  • Freestyle—Most Career Experiments develop directly from the interests, work, and networking of students in collaboration with Career Development, which helps with contacts, strategies, and logistics.


  • Interested in law? Spend some time with Rocker alumni in the legal field to figure out whether law is right for you, and area of interest (IP, immigration, corporate, etc.).
  • Interested in healthcare? Spend time with practicing physicians.
  • Marketing? Finance? Operations? Nonprofits? We can help you find a Career Experiment to explore almost any field.

Organizing a Career Experiment

Career Experiments are typically short and unpaid, and they could be available pretty much anywhere. As a result, students often benefit from flexibility and foresight to organize Experiments.

  • Consider Experiments in the Simon’s Rock region, wherever you call home, or wherever you will be traveling, in order to make the most of travel plans you already have.
  • Contact possible hosts well in advance to establish the possibility of a Career Experiment.
  • You may also leverage the Simon’s Rock network in particular areas for short-term housing options, if necessary.

Alumni, Recruiters, And Friends Of The College

If you would like to post a Career Experiment to students, please post to College Central Network as a recruiter. You can invite Rocker talent into your organization for a brief, engaging, and free experience, potentially identifying your next great hire. Questions? Just contact Career Development.