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Get two engineering degrees in five years, one from Simon’s Rock and one from either Columbia University or Dartmouth College.

Our pre-engineering concentration sets you on an accelerated path to earn both a BA degree from Simon’s Rock and either a BS from Columbia University or a BE from Dartmouth.

A Better Approach to Engineering

The pre-engineering curriculum prepares you to identify and solve the world’s biggest problems. In addition to the essential math and science, you will explore the arts, literature, languages, and social studies. This combination gives you a well-rounded foundation in the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will make you a better engineer.

The possibilities to make a positive impact on society are limitless, and you do not have to wait until you are an adult to begin making a difference in society.

-Marne Garretson,
BA in pre-engineering and public health, Simon’s Rock ’13
MPH, Columbia University ’15


As a student pursuing a concentration in pre-engineering, you will meet with your Simon’s Rock advisor to outline a course of study that includes chemistry, physics, quantum physics, math through vector calculus and differential equations, computer science, and microeconomics. You may tailor your course selection to emphasize a specialized focus, such as computer science.

Build on your interests by working with Simon’s Rock faculty on deep, hands-on research projects and contribute to important ongoing research in applied math and science. You'll also complete a senior thesis where you could turn an interest in environmental engineering into a thesis about improving bicycle access in urban settings. Or share your passion for ending world hunger by writing a thesis on improving agricultural output in underdeveloped countries.

Related career paths

Whether you decide to continue your engineering studies at Columbia, Dartmouth, or another graduate program, you will enter prepared and ready to make an impact in the world.

Our students have gone on to solve complex technical and humanitarian problems in the fields of civil, electrical, environmental, biomedical, chemical, and mechanical engineering as well as applied math, applied physics, computer science, and operations research. Some have also pursued careers in business, finance, nonprofits, medicine, and teaching. All have entered the workforce as Rockers with a purpose.

Course Spotlight

Female professor teaches about equations.

Mathematics 364: Ordinary Differential Equations

This is an introductory course on ordinary differential equations. Topics include first-order equations, second order linear equations, harmonic oscillators, qualitative properties of solutions, power series methods, Laplace transforms, and existence and uniqueness theorems.


Community Profiles

Mike Bergman portrait

We’re Moving Science Forward

Michael Bergman

Professor of Physics


Marne Garretson portrait

Earning a Master's Degree at 20

Marne Garretson

B.A. Pre-Engineering and Public Health, Simon’s Rock | Master's in Public Health, Columbia University

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