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The pre-engineering concentration prepares students for the Simon’s Rock/Columbia University Engineering Program.

Engineering and applied science fields include applied math, applied physics, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, industrial engineering, materials science, and mechanical engineering. The goal of the pre-engineering concentration is to allow students the opportunity to explore their interests in the liberal arts while gaining the necessary background in mathematics and science. Engineers with a background in the liberal arts can be better prepared to apply their technical expertise to the issues that impact society.

Related career paths

Students with a concentration in pre-engineering may enter into fields such as environmental engineering, chemical engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering.


Course Spotlight

Female professor teaches about equations.

Mathematics 364: Ordinary Differential Equations

This is an introductory course on ordinary differential equations. Topics include first-order equations, second order linear equations, harmonic oscillators, qualitative properties of solutions, power series methods, Laplace transforms, and existence and uniqueness theorems.

Community Profiles

Ishan Guru

“Mathematical Proofs Over Breakfast…”

Ishan Guru

Economics & Computer Science | Columbia 3-2 Engineering Student


Mike Bergman portrait

We’re Moving Science Forward.

Michael Bergman

Professor of Physics

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