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Library Accessibility

We are committed to making our collections, services, spaces, and events as accessible as we can and to providing reasonable accommodations whenever possible. Any request or feedback related to accessibility can be submitted via the Library Accessibility Request Form, emailed to, or made in person at the library. All requests and accommodations are confidential.

Accessibility requests may include, but are not limited to:

  • Retrieving any item from the stacks.
  • Scanning and reformatting selections from books and periodicals in the Library’s collections to accessible digital files for individual use.
  • Converting or reformatting inaccessible digital content from subscription databases for individual use.
  • Borrowing an accessible version of an item if we cannot make it accessible ourselves.
  • Making large print copies of library handouts.
  • Accommodation requests for events.
  • Providing a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for the vendors from which we license digital content.

Accessibility measures currently in place:

  • All library services are delivered on the main level of the library.
  • All events are held in accessible spaces. 
  • All virtual library events include live transcription.
  • An accessible restroom is available on the main floor of the library.
  • The Simon’s Rock Archives reading room on the library’s main floor provides an accessible space for the use of items from the Archives’ collections and non-circulating items from the Library’s collections.
  • Senior carrels on the library’s main floor are assigned first to those who need an accessible space.
  • Printed instructional handouts are available as accessible digital files on the library’s website.
  • Many DVDs in the library’s collection have closed captioning and/or subtitles.
  • Most digital content from subscription databases is in accessible formats.
  • Signage is rendered in accessible fonts and sizes.
  • Recognizing the Library’s entrance doors are not easily accessible to all, we have installed doorbells so that we can provide immediate assistance. 

In case of emergency:

  • The library has 10 emergency exits, of which two are wheelchair accessible. Three additional emergency exits are designated as areas of rescue assistance and emergency personnel have been notified of the locations. 
  • Fire alarms have both auditory and visual signals.